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Power outages are becoming a much more frequent occurrence in South Africa in the home as well as in the working environment. Thomo Group are able to cater for most applications when load shedding happens. This system will power essential circuits during the outage and charge the batteries when the power resumes.

It is important that the system is sized correctly in order for the essential circuits to be covered for the duration of the outage. Should the system not be sized correctly, there is a possibility that unnecessary load will be put onto the inverter & batteries resulting in the inverter overloading or the batteries not lasting the expected outage.


A hybrid solar system is essentially a combination of solar power / back up battery and or mains supply. The solar panels will supply power to the circuits that are in use during the day when the sun is out.

The excess power generated will in turn charge the battery bank for either that evening use or for a backup option, this will be setting and configuration dependant. The popular setting options are Solar, Battery, Utility (savings) OR Solar, Utility, Battery (backup). Like with the backup solution, the load testing and sizing of the system is critical for the successful outcome of the investment.


Thomo Group install grid-tied solar systems to generate electricity from the sunlight. Surplus generation would feed back into the grid, similarly when the circuit requires more power those needs are met by imports from the grid.

Grid tie solar systems require solar panels / modules to generate DC power and an inverter that can communicates with the grid (grid tied inverter). No batteries are needed on a grid-tied system.